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    We offer integrated solutions to your electric vehicle charging station needs in noida right from assisting you select charger/ Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that could serve your need, to its installation, commissioning and integration to cloud-based platforms.

    Further, we provide user interfaces such as

    • Apps for electric vehicle charging users (individual, corporate, fleet, etc.)
    • Apps for electric vehicle charging station for Charge Point Operators (CPOs)
    • Dashboards for visibility of operations of EV charging stations for CPOs, distribution utilities or any stakeholder who facilitates the operation of charging infrastructure
    • Platforms for Monitoring and Controlling EV charging operations
    • Online Billing and Payment
    • 24x7 assistance

    Products And Services

    Salient Features

    Grid responsive and interactive
    Edge intelligent
    Indication LEDs for power, charging and fault
    Power ON, Start/Stop charging and emergency stop over the module
    Self isolation in case of fault
    Locate charge port
    Select charge port on basis of price offered by CPOs and time to charge
    Reserve and schedule time slot
    Online billing and payment
      Monitor power consumption
      Set price of services
      Authentication of users
      Bill EV users
      Monitor asset availability and utilization
      Host locations of charging ports to EV users
      Monitor load, power factor, peak demand, voltage, current, losses, etc.
      Manage and control the infrastructure as per your requirement
      View history of past charging sessions

    Our Team


    Energy Bite really lives and breathes its values. I feel both challenged yet supported every single day and truly feel that I am making an impact.The biggest pro of Energy Bite is opportunity for career growth. Company is all about making you better and letting you follow your goal inside and outside the company. Team environment is super supportive and healthy.

    Energy Bite team believes in setting realistic goals and milestones to achieve long-term success which will help to develop connected and shared infrastructure to deliver commercially viable and sustainable business solutions to our customers.

    Energy Bite is a magnificent organisation to work for. It offers tremendous work environment and opportunities to employees. I am enjoying every minute as an employee and fully believe that I will be with the organisation for a very long time.

    Energy bite has given me a different dimension of work. In terms of career growth it provides best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with it. Feels awesome to work with such a knowledgeable and supportive team

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